To make a mocking bird


The first thing I heard this Christmas morning was an ornamental battery powered bird that chirped as I went passed it. It was like a booby trap for an already fragile state. I’m on the cusp of total depression and despair as it is what with the collective madness this season brings.

It’s not entertaining or funny.

It’s a piece of shit made the other side of the world that, in the symbiotic cycle of life, is part of the reason we are losing the real actual birds. What’s good about that?

The person in the far east that made that probably had to make a ridiculous amount of them in one day just to get enough money to eat. It would be packed in loads of plastic, cardboard and paper sent in a lorry to concrete covered docks. Loaded on with thousands of tonnes of other tat and spread over the globe spewing diesel fumes into the air. Trucks dispersing it all via huge warehouses, reboxed and packaged and sent to shelves on concrete covered meadows. More packaging and wrapping and there it is… Perched on a melamine work surface mocking the lack of real birdsong.

Completely useless and totally destructive in the food chain.

Happy Christmess



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