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Persistent Plane Trails


To know the truth, one has to be prepared to accept what it is – not what one wishes it to be.

For some years over the last decade – particularly the past few years – I became increasingly aware of the sky being filled with bright white streaks in the sky, clearly the trails of airplanes.  Trails from planes were nothing new but something was different. They stayed. They filled the sky in criss-cross grids and instead of dissipating they spread out to form a milky haze.

Around the same time I was noticing this I was becoming more interested in what are now discarded in one generalised sweeping dismissal as ‘Conspiracy Theories’. This piece isn’t about conspiracies. Man has always conspired, particularly the few who have a grip on the many so that they can keep it that way, nothing wierd there. Whether it’s globally, nationally, at work or in school…. man conspires. It’s in his egoistic self interested nature and will do so at the expense of himself, his family, his species and his planet. But that’s for another note.

Sprayed like bugs!

When someone first suggested ‘chemtrails’ to me to be honest at first it didn’t resonate. Man cannot be THAT crazy… The implications of such a program would be… suicidal. However, the more I watched and paid attention to what was happening and the more I Googled and YouTube’d the more obsessed I became with what I was seeing. I love nature, I am in awe at the sky. The (thankfully rare) sight of the M25 fills me with such a deep despair. Now I was seeing a similar thing happen to the sky. But was it more sinister? Barium, Aluminium and other metals and chemical compounds became the focus of the ‘Chemtrail Truthers’ which now included me. It became a daily mission to get someone each day to look up and see for themselves at what was happening above their iphones. I started a FB group (still going but I left as admin) that covered the topic.

I took hundreds and hundreds of photos as ‘evidence’ and kept a diary of any activity to try and ‘make sense of this program’. I hooked up with people online all over the world and started to build a global picture. It was even one of the reasons for me moving house because the amount of spraying over our area was getting me so down.

I have on file many documents and links related to geo-engineering, HAARP, cloud seeding etc and have probably seen all, if not most of the websites and videos online relating to chemtrails. I wrote to Michael Murphy on the release of ‘What in the World are they Spraying’ to say well done for putting it together. I thought the Belfort Group with Peter Vereecke and the International Symposium on Chemtrails had some really cool parts to it and I was drawn to the people power to bring change and to get information out that was seemingly and suspiciously being withheld.

I even developed an eye tick/twitch that I then convinced myself was the beginnings of Morgellons disease or something… It was from staring at the laptop too much.

I was working at sea around this time and began to read meteorological material. Conversations I would have with crew opened my ideas up as I developed a better understanding of the weather. I looked for more information on meteorological stuff but at this time I was only looking for ‘PROOF’ of what I thought was happening and failed to also find proof that I may be wrong. Then I engaged with a Met scientist on Facebook who was doing an ‘event’ to counter a ‘Chemtrail Awareness Day’ which he called ‘Ice-Supersaturation Awareness Day’ or something like that – Being an enraged fearful conspiranoid campaigner I initially attacked him for having such outrageous cheek to try and undermine what was now totally clear to me. He threw heaps of science at me (or at least he put it up on his page to digest) which just infuriated me more (because I didn’t understand it). He was ‘flippant, arrogant and condescending’ as I now recall telling him and all I wanted was a simple explanation I could grasp. What had changed though for me was that I wanted to understand more. I wanted to stop being afraid of lines in the sky. I realised that the majority of my fear was irrational and ignorant and without any empirical evidence. Sure there was a lot of direct observation and experience but looking to substantiate a conclusion already met.

I will try to explain why I changed my mind although I wouldn’t say I’m qualified to explain too well, but you can find yourself someone to ask if you want to learn. I don’t wish to convince anyone of anything and I gain nothing from putting this out other than maybe helping someone to stop looking at the sky and freaking out – beyond the same level of despair as looking at the M25 on a Friday afternoon which I think IS a tangible problem. I have used Wikipedia links in the main as it is the easiest, quickest and the most accessible encylopedia. If you cannot trust this information because you think it is controlled by a hidden hand then you should stop reading this now and find sources you feel you can trust to correlate your own information.

A fine particle suspended in a gas.

I turned my ‘alternative research’ energy to getting a better understanding of how the sky works. Really fascinating stuff and I wish we had been given such basic info in school?!! Immediately words started becoming less terrifying. ‘Aerosol’ for example had these connotations to me of toxic sprays… – as it says in the wiki description, this is often the general perception. But the slight change in understanding of a word kinda kick started me. A particle of dust from a field can be an aerosol, an SO2 particle from a volcano or a car exhaust is an aerosol. A bit of skin even. 

The fact is – without an aerosol a cloud cannot form. It is the nuclei with which the h20 ‘wraps’ itself around.

Sea Level to the Kármán line

Then there are the layers of the atmosphere that I didn’t know about. Anyone that’s worried about what is happening in the sky that doesn’t also take an interest in how it works is not really ever going to stop worrying and shouldn’t be making grand claims. Ignorance being the bed in which fear grows etc…

It was really quite an interesting read, learning about the atmospheric layers but the bit we are interested in for plane trails are the bottom one or two. (Heights are averages as they vary from pole to equator)

0-11/20km  The Troposhere. The layer where the majority of weather occurs. As the altitude increases the temperature drops.

11/20-50km  The Stratosphere. It is here the temperature changes invert and instead of getting colder –  as altitude increases it becomes warmer.

Between these two layers where the temperature inversion takes place is the Tropopause – the atmospheric boundary between the troposphere and the stratosphere. Going upward from the surface, it is the region of the atmosphere where the environmental lapse rate changes from positive (in the troposphere) to negative (in the stratosphere). That is, it is the point where air ceases to cool with with height gain and becomes almost completely dry. It is not a ‘hard edged’ layer and is more of a cross-over region that has some variables, such as it being higher at the tropics than at the poles.

Up to 80km is the Mesosphere and at around 100km in the Thermosphere is the Karman Line which is regarded as the boundary between the atmosphere and space.

Jet engines are more efficient at lower temperatures.

Most commercial aircraft are flown below the tropopause if at all possible to take advantage of the troposphere’s temperature lapse rate.  It is also here that aircraft are least effected by weather and where there is lower air resistance for fuel efficiency.

Now for a little Cloud Science

Cooling air to its dew point;

Clouds generally form when rising air is cooled to its dew point, the temperature at which the air becomes saturated. Water vapour normally begins to condense on condensation nuclei such as dust, smoke particles and salt in order to form clouds. If sufficient condensation particles are not present, the air will become supersaturated and the formation of cloud will be inhibited. (However, a Wiki correction needed – the air is never so pristine pure that there are never no nuclei present)

Cloud Condensation Nuclei;

Also known as Cloud Seeds, CCN’s are small particles about which cloud droplets collect and join. Water requires a non-gaseous surface to make the transition from a vapour to a liquid. The particles may be composed of dust or clay or soot or black carbon from grassland or forest fires, sea salt from ocean wave spray, soot from factory smokestacks or internal combustion engines, sulfate from volcanic activity, phytoplankton or the oxidation of sulfur dioxide and secondary organic matter formed by the oxidation of Volotile Organic Compounds. The ability of these different types of particles to form cloud droplets varies according to their size and also their exact composition, as the hygroscopic (drawing moisture from the air) properties of these different constituents are very different. Sulfate and sea salt, for instance, readily absorb water whereas soot, organic carbon and mineral particles do not. This is made even more complicated by the fact that many of the chemical species may be mixed within the particles (in particular the sulfate and organic carbon). Additionally, while some particles (such as soot and minerals) do not make very good CCN, they do act as very good ice nuclei in colder parts of the atmosphere.

So – what happens when a plane goes through atmospheric condition pumping out not only H2O from it’s exhaust but also So2 which we have seen earlier is a condensing nuclei as is the case in volcano eruptions. The exhaust will be putting out other lesser things such as carbons but the main emissions are H2O and S02. So it is providing the two of the things necessary things to ‘form cloud’. Water can also condense of a planes wing tips as pressure and temperatures clash.

For a ‘Contrail’ to form it will need the mixture of exhaust and environment to reach WATER saturation at some point.

If the air is dry the trail will dissipate.

If the air is moist enough the environment may be ICE-SUPERSATURATED. This means that the ice in the contrail CANNOT evaporate. There is ALREADY TOO MUCH water vapour in the air for any more to be added from the ice particles.  So, in air moist enough, the contrail will persist.

The environment can be ice-supersaturated because there are no naturally occurring freezing nuclei for ice clouds to form. There are plenty of condensation nuclei, but ice-saturated air is not necessarily water-saturated. You need even more moisture for that.

So why has this only been the case for the last decade?

Simple – volume of traffic. When I recall laying in my parents garden as a child and watching the occasional plane go past with its dissipating short trail that would be once or twice a day at max. Now it’s several an hour. I don’t recall seeing persistent trail but then the chances of them occurring were vastly less. I got on a chemtrail rant with my brother one day and he assures me he remembers seeing long and lasting trails. I trust him. You can fly from a myriad of airports now at a ridiculous price. Two euros to Morocco I saw the other day!! That’s ridiculous and if anything is suspect it’s that. How is that possible and why? Because they can and we want.

The tic-tac-toe checkerboard? I think that is quite simple. A trail is made in atmospheric conditions on a flight path and it persists due to the conditions. The trail then drifts with wind direction and another plane comes on the same path and lays another which also drifts and so on. All it takes is for another crossing flight path and you will develop a criss cross.

HOWEVER – I look at the sky and see that it is bad. But just like the motorways. This is the problem. ‘THEY’ are not ‘SPRAYING US’. If anything WE are spraying US. We have a terrible addiction to oil and money and this issue is just a symptom. I am concerned as to how the understanding of this relatively new (aerosol) science is of great interest to Climate Scientists, Politicians, Oil barons, Geo-engineers, parched farmers etc… and I have no doubt that the effect of this activity is being closely monitored and by some who might benefit and no doubt subsidise the affair – hence the very cheap flights?

You alone cannot change the world by any means BUT you can change your world. Freaking out about something that you cannot prove, and actually quite unlikely, is not going to do anything other than waste your life and make you ill. Please put your energy into making a positive change by adjusting your life to take away the causes of what symptoms you see. OIL and MONEY. Stop driving everywhere and flying so often and buying crap food from supermarkets that has come from the other side of the world. Don’t use banks. Avoid paying tax or find an honourable way to reduce your personal contribution to a corrupt system. Complaining about the rancid teat whilst continuing to suckle from it is not going to bring you results. Grow some of your own food to start reconnecting with natures cycles. Share stuff. This is ‘waking up’. Not freaking out at invisible monsters

I’m not saying I’m right and that there is no problem or no dodgy antics going on – just please stop trying to convince people that we are being sprayed like bugs. If you are willing to absorb the scientific information, this issue clearly becomes irrational fear based ill-informed scaremongering which is akin to the tactics of neo-con-fundamentalist-nutjobs.

I think the people who get upset by the chemtrail theory have a lot to give because they clearly clearly have concern for the environment, their health and that of the species but it could be so better placed by putting the amount of energy used into more tangible causes. At the end of the dayone is free to choose how to apply your energy but from my own personal experience of this ‘issue’ I am compelled to write this.

I was in a nightmare surrounded by people shouting ‘wake up’ – So I did!


November – The month of remembrance?


Have we forgotten why we are trying to remember?

Most calendrical events seem to have roots in ancient traditions based upon natural cycles which are then overlayed with newer religious/political occasions – there is no exception for November. Remembering the dead is its major theme – from Halloween/All Saints Day and  Burning efigies of Catholic terrorist Guy Fawkes through to Remembrance Day. After watching several English footballers painfully struggle to explain why they believe it is essential that they can wear poppies this weekend I thought I’d rummage around for the roots of these various commemorations that lead us to ponder deceased humans this particular month.

Dawn of the Day of the Dead.

Setting out on the first day of the month we have ‘All Saints Day’ which dates back to the 4thC.  Originally held on 13th May the church de-paganised an earlier Roman festival of this date, that of Lemuria, where troublesome ghouls were exorcised from homes. Lemuria was suppressed and ASD moved to the 1st Nov where this focus of attention onto the lives of  beatified saints, also known as Hallowmas or All Hallows, would share the date with another pagan feast – Samhain. Pronounced Sew-in and meaning ‘summers end’ it was the most important of  the quarterly Gaelic feasts and marked the end of the summer light and the onset of the dark. It shared its pagan roots with the defunct Lemurian spirit feast.

Memorial commemoration of the dead in society can be traced back before the pagan predecessors were hidden under priests cassocks and the solar calendar punctuated with church representatives. Prior to the irregular amount of days in our current 12 months, our ancestors kept track of where they were in the agricultural year by observing the Moon’s 28 day cycle. This split the year neatly up into 13 ‘moonths’ accounting for 364 days, leaving one day over to complete our annual passage around the sun. On this day, that was so sacred it had no name, our ancestors believed the veil between this and the underworld to be so thin spirits could move between worlds. It is not known exactly which day of the year this was alloted to and there is conflicting evidence for different theories and probably differed between cultures but is surely the inspiration for the early pagan traditions. Some believe ‘that day’ to be one of the 3 ‘days of darkness’ between Winter Solstice and Christmas (22nd-25th Dec) whilst others claim midsummers day. Personally, I go with the feeling of natures cycle and the way the seasons make us feel. I think it’s fair to say that we all (at least in the northern hemisphere) start to become a little more pensive as the leaves start to fall – nature is ‘dying’ around us. This was also thought to be the time of the Celtic New Year, the time for reflecting on what had passed. A natural time to consider the toil and harvest as well as for venerating ancestors and the wisdom they imparted to assist our existence.

Tricks or Treats?

The night before ‘All Saints Day’ is the far more popular Halloween. What is seen as an American affair is of course simply All Hallows Even(ing). Just as the folk music of Britain travelled across the pond and mixed with Black roots music to produce Rock and Roll so has the Dia de Muertos and the ancient British customs now produced this B-movie hybrid. Pranks, lots of sugar, blood and gore, typical brash yank stuff. Like much US popular culture the upgrade has been repatriated back in the UK. Yet another commercialised frenzy for which no-one really knows why they are doing it or stops to consider. Not wanting to sound too much like a grumpy old man I’m sure that each time the party has been bastardised there’s always been someone remembering what it used to be about and not really enjoying the current format?

Our natural time and purpose for remembrance has not only been overlaid with religious doctrine but also forgotten in the haze of the new gods of consumption.

Remember remember!

Then, on these once fair and magic isles steeped in folk-lore and cultural heritage, we are quickly presented with another calender event. We are given the opportunity to consider what happens to anyone that is caught challenging those in power. He may have been an un-witting stooge but there is something else about the story of Guy Fawkes that never sat right with me. Are we celebrating an assassination attempt of a corrupt king by a folk hero or the swift justice meted out by a strong leader on a political terrorist? It appears the latter, although oddly I think many see Guido as a folk hero fighting oppression of the state and the idea has been popularised by the film V for Vendetta and has become the face of the global ‘Occupy’ protest. Given that people had been putting bonfires together at this time of year, probably since agricultural/astronomical understanding was established, I find it opportunist that in 1606 King James I  introduced the ‘Observance of 5th November Act’ claiming that the fires were the people celebrating his survival. There are other ‘conspiracy theories’ surrounding the hapless Guido and his We are Change crew of the 17thC, such as the alleged tunnel of which no trace has never been found. So an annual nature feast, elaborated by pagans and hijacked by Catholics was now claimed by a protestant king and imposed on the contemporary psyche by means of sermons and rhymes (the most famous of which is ‘Remember Remember’) warning that treason will never be forgotten.

Lest We Forget.

‘All Souls Day’ is now irrelevant outside of the antiquated church and Halloween and Bonfire Night are simply quaint and fun events for the family with little thought paid to the heritage. The serious issue of sermon and symbolism has moved to our final memory moment in November.

It was another English king that capitalised on this time of reflection. George V declared that the armistice signed between Germany and the Allied forces of WWI on 11/11/1918 should be an annual day of commemoration for those (on ‘our’ side) that died in combat in that awful waste of life. The cenotaph became a permanent feature and two decades later the armistice gave way to round two of carnage in Europe and then the rest of the world. Whilst I would not question the sacrifice made by good honest men to stem the tide of fascism I am disturbed by how the following and current wars (some 250 of them in under 70 years) are lumped in without question of their validity. There is nothing glorious or honourable to me about a young man sent by his government to invade a foreign nation under false pretences to secure oil.  The horrific munitions used by ‘our boys’ that mean 90% of war victims are now civilian compared to 50% in WW2 and 10% in WW1. Heros do not do what was done to Baha Mousa and many others.

It is a really powerful thing that happens when so many people actually stop doing what they normally do, fall silent and just think of dead soldiers for two minutes. This is a mass meditation.

Imagine if the world stopped in silence and remembered ALL the ancestors – it would be full circle to the original and ancient feast. If we remembered all those lives before us and how we got where we are, not just those trained to kill, burned for treason, or did well in church. Maybe then the power of remembrance could really bring change instead of perpetuation.

In the complex enormity of the cosmos the dogma of time and date is rather abstract. But the appearance of the once in a century repunit sequence may be particularly poignant for us with so many giving such energy to one thought at one moment. At 11am 11/11/11 there will be a lot of people meditating on death in war.

I almost feel corny for suggesting an alternative to hate and war such is the social indoctrination but…

Billions of people stopping for two minutes, contemplating love and peace for humanity and environment.

Remember that!